Unless otherwise noted on the schedule below, we meet the fourth Saturday of each month at 12 p.m. at the Homewood Public Library, 1721 Oxmoor Road, Homewood, AL 35209. For directions, click here.

  • 12:00-12:30. Lunch and business meeting. Bring your own lunch!
  • 12:45-1:00. Q & A. A reading or question-and-answer session with a published author, or a question-and-answer session with a professional from an industry of interest for our writing.
  • 1:00-3:00. Program.

Visitors are welcome! Visitors must be 18 or older. You may attend two general meetings in a 12-month period without joining. Visitors who wish to attend more often must join Romance Writers of America and Southern Magic.

Meetings are subject to change, so check back here before you come!


October 25 Program: Luncheon prep. Come ready to work! After the business meeting, we will work on preparing giveaways and baskets for the Romance Readers Luncheon.
November 1 Romance Readers Luncheon

(There will be no November meeting or program on November 22.)

Online Class, November 17 – December 14 Quilting 101: Let Your Characters Patchwork the Perfect Plot

Do storyboards, sticky notes, spreadsheets and index cards give you hives? Does your manuscript wander in circles – yet you’re afraid a detailed outline will suck the heart and soul out of your writing?

All you need is a simple word-processing program to stitch together the perfect quilt of a plot to keep your novel on track and moving in the right direction – while still giving your muse room to play.

We’ll use an easy, multi-step technique to plot a novel from start to finish, and give you a huge head-start on your first draft (and the dreaded synopsis). This will be a working course! Bring your best idea (the one that’s been bubbling in your brain for six months) or a manuscript that’s wandering in the desert, and we’ll shape it up and get it moving.

We’ll also be deconstructing a novel into its outline as part of this class. I’ve chosen J.R. Ward’s Dark Lover, the first in her Black Dagger Brotherhood series, but will also use examples from other works ranging from Gone with the Wind to the Harry Potter series to Jennifer Crusie’s contemporary novel Bet Me. Yeah, maybe even some of my own work. If you have a chance to read especially Dark Lover before the class, it will make the deconstruction more familiar, but it’s not necessary at all.

Over the course of the month, you’ll put together the perfect quilt, er, novel. Classes will include:
1. Picking the Right Pattern. Just as a quilt uses small pieces that fit together to create a whole, a novel is created of the Big Idea–your overriding storyline–plus several Small Ideas, or subplots.
2. Choosing the Fabric. Your novel can have its pattern, but without the perfect fabrics, you won’t end up with a pretty quilt. In a novel, your characters are your fabrics. At this stage, you’ll decide who your dominant hero (or heroine) will be, identify the secondary lead character, and determine what roles your supporting cast will play.
3. Color Arrangement. Before beginning to stitch, the successful quilter decides how those squares of fabric will be placed to make the most effective use of the pattern. In our novels, this step involves identifying relationships, not just the relationship between a hero and heroine, but between all characters, and between each character and the Big Idea.
4. Basting. Here’s where we really start to have fun. We’ll choose the threads of our story through the relationships we’ve identified and start to think about how to put them together. Each relationship should have a story arc that progresses from start to finish.
5. Piecing the Quilt Top. We’ll take each of our relationship arcs and rearrange them into a single plot arc. At the end of this stage, each person will have a rough sentence outline of a complete novel. This outline will also serve as an easy foundation to writing the dreaded synopsis.
6. Backing, Batting and Binding. A quilt top is beautiful, but unfinished. In this final lesson, participants will go back through their plot arc and begin to flesh out scenes. The “backing and binding” stage can be as simple or as detailed as the author wishes; those who develop a more detailed, fleshed-out plot arc will find themselves well along their way in creating a first draft of their novels.

Author’s Bio: Suzanne Johnson is the author of the Sentinels of New Orleans urban fantasy series for Tor Books and, as Susannah Sandlin, writes the award-winning Penton Legacy paranormal romance series and The Collectors romantic thriller series for Montlake Romance. A longtime New Orleans resident, she now lives in Auburn, Alabama (but is an alumna of the University of Alabama and is, therefore, bilingual).

Course Details:
- The course will run from November 17 – December 14. We will be using a Yahoo group for this class.
- Registration costs: $20 Southern Magic members, $25 Non-members

To Register:
1. Pay via PayPal to (please put Quilting 101 in the Add a note section so that we may properly credit you).
2. Once you receive your transaction number/confirmation number, email your name, the email address you want to use for the program, and your PayPal confirmation number to Cara Dawn Jones at

December 6 Holiday party at Homewood Public Library. Details coming soon!

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